Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Day in My Life: The Color Run 2015

Yesterday was the Color Run in my hometown. I took my fiancee for her birthday and it was so much fun. We have done one other run like this before, but this year was the Shine Tour, which featured glitter at the end. While the fiancee and I are trying to get more fit and healthy, we are not runners. Luckily walking, (as well as dancing) was allowed. The whole thing was great fun and I would recommend participating if they ever come to a town near you. :)
I took a lot of photos, so get ready for some spam!

(More under the cut!)

Ready for some color!

At the starting line.
First was blue!

Then pink!

Then yellow!

The Happy Wall.

After orange.

And glitter at the end!

The afterparty. :)

My baby. <3

And me! 
It was a super awesome, crazy colorful time and you should definitely participate if the Color Run comes your way. 

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  1. Love the photo of the girl in the tutu running in front of the theater!