Sunday, May 31, 2015

Polyvore Inspired DIY: Hemp Bracelets

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For this Polyvore Inspired DIY, we will be making beaded hemp bracelets. You can use your clipboard from the last DIY or use some tape to secure your hemp cords. 
These bracelets look great alone or multiple stacked!

For these bracelets you will want to use hemp or a stiffer cord. Hemp works really well because it holds it's shape really well and works well for these knots. 
You will need to cut a piece about a foot long and a second piece about two yards long. 

Fold the longer piece in half and tie the strings together, leaving a small loop. 

Secure the knot in your clipboard with the longer strings on each side. String a bead into the short middle string if you so choose. Secure the shorter middle string to your board with a piece of tape. 

There are two steps you need to remember. The "4" and the "P." Okay, these aren't technical names, but it will help you remember. Trust me. (I will include color coded photos at the end of the post if it helps clarify which strings are which.)

Let's start with the "4."

Take the left string and fold it over the middle string to make a "4."

The right string comes over the tail of the left, under the middle string, and through the hole in the "4."

Pull both right and left strings taught while pulling the knot to the top. 

If you keep repeating the "4" step, you will end up with the Spiral Knot. 
To make the Square Knot, you will need to alternate between the "4" and the "P."

For the "P" you do the same steps, but starting with the right string. Fold your right string over the middle to make a "P."

Take your left string over the tail of the right, under the middle string, and through the hole of the "P."

Pull taught and slide up. Repeat these steps to make either the Spiral or Square Knot until you get to about the middle of how long you want your bracelet to be. 
If you added a bead, you would slide it up now. 

Keep knotting as you were. The two side strings will hold the bead in place in the back. 

Keep knotting until it is the length you want for your wrist (or ankle!) Once it is the length you want, knot the end. 

You could leave it like this, but I prefer to braid the end. I think it looks a bit more professional. :)
Braid the tails and knot at the end, and you are done!

There are hundreds of variations you can make by changing up the combos of knots and beads. They even make colored hemp! 
I hope this was easy to understand and if you make some hemp bracelets yourself, put a link in the comments. I would love to see!

~~~color coded photos~~~


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