Monday, June 8, 2015

Five Flamingo Finds (Including a DIY!)

Hey there followers! Summer is in full swing so today's post features one of summer's most kitschy, iconic birds... The flamingo! If you're wanting a little Wonderland in your life, make your own Alice in Wonderland croquet set! Or make these adorable flamingo straws to sip lemonade by the pool! And if you just need a little more pink in your life, check out this fluffy throw pillow and chalkboard-inspired art!
But if you prefer to make something a little more personalized, follow this tutorial for DIY hand-print flamingo wall art! 

 For this project you will need:

  • A canvas at least big enough for two handprints. I have 12"x12".
  • Acrylic paint in pink, orange, lighter blue, darker blue, white, and black.
  • Pink glitter.
  • Paint brushes and/or sponges.

First, paint the background. For mine I used the brush to make jagged stripes in alternating blues. While still wet, I blended the stripes together even further do create varied shades of blue.

When the background is dry, use the pink paint to make two upside down sideways hand-prints like so. (Mine is the one on the left!)
I got excited about painting and forgot to take a photo of just the prints, But here you can see the positioning.
Then add the flamingos' necks and wings. If you want to add glitter (and who doesn't?!) put a generous amount of paint and sprinkle the glitter directly on the paint. Add more than enough. You can shake off the excess when it's dry.

Now add the eyes, beaks, and legs with the black, white, and orange paint. I added a little heart because I'm sappy like that. (The other hand is my fiancee!) 

 Just let it dry and shake off the extra glitter, and voila! Custom Flamingo Wall Art! 

Thanks for reading, and happy summer!


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