Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Polyvore Inspired DIY: Personalized Clipboard

90's hippie

90's hippie by glitteredwhimsy 

Hi there! I want to introduce another new post category, Polyvore Inspired DIYs! Today's DIY is a personalized clipboard that we will use later on as a securing board for friendship bracelets. Alternately, you could use a safety pin or tape to hold down the bracelet as you are working on it, but I found that a clipboard is handy because it keeps it secure, and you can use it on the go.
Let's get started!

Alright, first you need a clipboard. I have a mini clipboard from Office Depot. They are usually inexpensive and you can buy them most anywhere. You want to make sure the clip at the top goes straight across and is tight enough to hold a small amount of string. They make ones that have a bent metal wire instead of the large metal clip, but you want to get the one that has the most contact with the board, so your string doesn't slide out of place. 
Next, you want to gather your decorating materials. You can use washi tape, duct tape, stickers, paint, nail polish, mod podge, and whatever else you can think of, as long as it stays on the board and doesn't rub off after use. I probably wouldn't recommend pencils or crayons, because they tend to rub off and you don't want to stain your bracelets.
I'm going to be using mini duct tape in a rainbow tie dye pattern, some Lisa Frank animal stickers and a few stickers of some favorite characters.
First I'm going to add my tape in a diagonal pattern to block off where I want my stickers. Make sure to smooth it out all the way.
This is very cute on it's own and you could leave it at that, but to go with my 90's themed Polyvore set, I just HAVE to throw some Lisa Frank on there!
Look at those rainbow penguins. Beautiful. Now I have some extra room on there... Might as well fill it with some of my favorite characters that I just so happen to have stickers of.
Perfect! Now my board is complete. And I think it would go great with my outfit up there!
I know this DIY was super simple and you probably didn't need instructions on how to decorate a clipboard, but having a board like this makes making bracelets so much easier. And besides, now we are ready to go and make millions of friendship bracelets with our new personalized board! 
Bracelet making tutorials will be coming your way very soon. :)

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